TRILUM – Mobile Order Handling Solution

The smart pick-by-light solution for efficient storage and production processes

TRILUM is the key to success for efficient order picking. The wireless pick-by-light system saves you both packing lists and working time and reduces the error rate. The paperless functionality is as intuitive as it is effective: TRILUM uses LED light signals to guide employees to the correct storage location. Critical information such as the withdrawal quantity can already be viewed quickly and conveniently on-site on an ePaper display. With the aid of an acknowledgement button, the removal of goods can be confirmed quickly and easily – feedback to the warehouse management system is fully automatic and paperless.

TRILUM accelerates the process of locating bearing positions by means of LED signalling

This shortens the removal (= pick-by-light) of stock items and their (re-)storage (= put-by-light). To this end, storage locations are equipped with radio-networked display modules (=TRILUM.display), which, in addition to the LED, are equipped with display and function keys. The displays are activated by software and deactivated on-site during the storage process.

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TRILUM – Smart pick-by-light system for the logistics of the future
AST-X announces official product launch at SPS Smart Production Solutions.

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The application areas

Flexibility for mobile applications

TRILUM is qualified for use in logistics and production and excels above all in flexible, temporary and mobile warehouse structures. The system is particularly easy to adapt, making it ideal for environments where the withdrawal compartments and shelves are frequently modified or changed. These three application examples show just how flexibly TRILUM can adapt to your requirements.

Picking processes

Picking processes

With light-guided order picking, you can optimise warehouse processes in logistics and intralogistics – cost-efficiently and paperlessly.

Assembly processes

Assembly processes

During assembly, required objects such as tools and correct components (also in the correct sequence) can be made available directly at the assembly station.

Distribution processes

Distribution processes

Light-controlled distribution processes (put-to-light) ensure time-efficient, cost-efficient and error-free order picking processes.

The advantages of TRILUM

TRILUM.start Starter Set


s-net® cockpit

Networking system status

  • List of connected compartment displays
  • Status of the compartment displays (lastseen, battery, active)

System Cockpit


  • System setup
  • Linkage of articles and advertisements
  • Creation of pickers
  • Definition of the type of order initialisation


Order cockpit


  • Display of active and processed orders
  • Creation of orders via the cockpit
  • Assignment of pickers to orders


Interface for embedding orders from a backend system (WMS/ERP)

s-net® cockpit

Systemstatus Vernetzung

  • Auflistung der verbundenen Fachanzeigen
  • Status der Fachanzeigen (lastseen, battery, active)

System Cockpit


  • Einrichten des Systems
  • Verheiratung von Artikel und Fachanzeige
  • Anlegen von Kommissionierern
  • Art der Initialisierung von Aufträgen definieren

Order cockpit


  • Aktive und abgearbeitete Aufträge anzeigen
  • Anlegen von Aufträgen über das Cockpit
  • Zuordnen von Kommissionierern zu Aufträgen


Schnittstelle zur Einbettung von Aufträgen aus einem Backendsystem (WMS/ERP)

System structure

For maximum flexibility, TRILUM is battery-powered and radio-based and has a modular design.

The individual system components are wirelessly networked using s-net® technology. The order data of the merchandise management system is transmitted to the corresponding displays over a gateway. Correspondingly adapted software handles the exchange with the respective merchandise management system.


The TRILUM.display is a compact and easy-to-understand operating unit that acts as a link between employees and the TRILUM system. LED light signals efficiently guide employees to the correct destinations – the use of multicoloured light signals also allows parallel use by several employees. The operating concept of the TRILUM.display is designed for particularly easy and time-saving work: An energy-saving ePaper display shows the number of parts to be removed as well as barcodes. Four buttons can be used to acknowledge processes and adjust quantities – ideal for paperless picking.


The TRILUM system communicates wirelessly via the powerful s-net® networking technology in the 868 MHz band. The TRILUM.gateway manages the associated TRILUM.display and, with the help of the, handles data processing and forwarding. The built-in Ethernet connection makes it easy to connect to your network and merchandise management system.

The is a powerful software package for an intuitive setup and low-maintenance operation of your TRILUM system. The gateway software covers a wide range of tasks: setting up and managing the system components, order processing and linking articles and the associated TRILUM.display. In addition, an optional interface enables you to integrate orders from your own backend (WMS/ERP).

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